VJS heritage Ranch PROUDLY provides
Heritage all Natural RAISED RED Wattle Meat

Red wattle pigs are an American breed.  Aside from having red skin and two fleshy  wattles that hang from their cheeks, Heritage red wattles are also known for their resilience to disease, fast growth, hardy, leaner meats, and have easy-to-mild temperaments.    

Red wattle pork is listed as an endangered food in the Ark of Taste.  The Ark is an initiative, developed in 1996, and managed by the global Slow Food movement that includes foods, livestock, fruits, and vegetables, and is designed to preserve at-risk foods that are sustainably produced, unique in taste, and part of a distinct ecoregion.   The Ark of Taste includes over 2200 products from over 50 countries.

Slow Food, Slow Food USA Founder and President Carlo Petrini, stated "everyone has the right to good, clean and fair food." Good, meaning a high quality product with a flavorful taste, clean meaning the naturalness in the way the product was produced and transported, and fair meaning adequate pricing and treatment for both the consumers and producers." 

It is believed that conservation of the red wattle breed should be achieved through consumption, hereby stimulating demand for continued cultivation.  If ranchers don't sell their stock, they can't continue scheduled breeding, enabling the already endangered heritage red wattle breeding population to decline toward extinction.  The revolution is now!

A LITTLE about Red Wattle livestock